I completely understand that you’ve obviously got a lot already, but just thought I’d put a request out there anyways, Castiel in #2? Please? :) Love all your art, and if this isn’t one you choose to do then I shall just continue to enjoy all of your others. Thanks! xx
I have a soft spot for politeness and for Cas :)
Anonymous asked:
you are so wonderful, don't ever stop.

Seriously kind people who go Anon to say something nice to others are the reason I want to work harder on my art to make it better, cuz there are some awesome people watching! Thank you!

Anonymous asked:
I'm going to give you a big hug for being such a dandy person you made my day peachy mate. C:

Come here Anon! You made my day too! <3

Would you mind drawing Charlie with #1?
Thanks Anon, that pallete is perfect for her ;)


Some sketches I made during 3h long video chat with my GISHWHES team :)


Bobby’s favourite idjits

Fighting with your own shyness every day can be really exhausting sometimes >_<

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